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TeamViewer 8 Beta

TeamViewer 8 is the latest version of TeamViewer, a free application for remotely controlling PCs that lets you connect to a remote computer over the Internet and use it as if it were a local computer.

TeamViewer 8 adds more options for teamwork. Undoubtedly, the most notable of these is the management console TeamViewer permítellexestionar whole team remote support via web.

Other improvements TeamViewer 8 focused working groups are transferring filesthrough a remote control session, allowing it to pass asession to another member of the support team, and sharing group, which is useful for customers who move between friends or other account.

Finally, TeamViewer made more improvements in audio and video recording of the remote session and, if the connection is fast enough, you can see and hear the same as the User is to see and hear is the sound and video itosistema.